We not only developed a unique spraying booth, we also developed hi-tech Sun Protection Creams and After Sun Products, which have unique formulas using microscopic glass pearls and thanks to them the cream lasts longer and is at least 75 % more effective even 2 hours after application compared with other creams.

Perfect protection against UVA and UVB with different types of SPF 20, 30 and 50. They are suitable for different ages, including children and different types of skin including very sensitive skin.


Improves elasticity

making it soft and silky


Extracts from sea-weeds

has an anti-inflammatory effect and calms the skin


Protects against free radicals

– and has no parabens


Not sticky

for sandy beaches


Easy to spread

and water resistant


No greasy

and not sticky

Sun Pearls Sun Protection Creams

have special ingredients with anti-ageing characteristics, improving skin elasticity and keeping the skin smooth and hydrated. Sun Pearls has special formulas for ladies, men and young sensitive children’s skin.

Sun protection

Totally unique formulas with sun filters encapsulated in micro glass pearls — bottled engineering.

The micro glass pearls remain 75% effective even after 2 hours in the sun, compared with 25% when filters are not encapsulated.

Sun Pearls is not only a sun protection formula, it also has the latest anti-ageing ingredients to reduce & resist skin wrinkling, increase elasticity, making it soft and silky.

With special formulas for ladies, men and young skin.

Parabens free & fighting free radicals


Speciální formulace pro dámy, muže a mladou citlivou pokožku dětí


Zmírňuje lepivost písku na pokožku.


Zlepšuje pružnost pokožky. Po několika dnech užívání je pokožka hladší a hedvábnější


Extrakty z řas mají protizánětlivý účinek a zklidňují pokožku.


Chrání před volnými radikály – Neobsahuje parabeny


Rychle se vstřebávají a jsou voděodolné


Snadno se roztírají, nejsou mastné, nelepí

After-tan cream

Anti-inflammatory cream to use after exposure to the sun’s UV.

Each product formulated to meet the very different needs of men, ladies and children to calm the skin and replenish moisturisation.

Children’s young sensitive skin in particular needs moisturisation to combat skin dehydration experienced when in the hot sun, and reduce inflammation caused by UV burning.

Plus, for ladies the anti-ageing and wrinkle treatment improves elasticity making skin appear younger and feel soft and silky

Skin lightening

Lightening with totally natural ingredients with international health certification.

Go-Light Lightening cream has been designed to work slowly and safely.

Pigment subsidence will be visible within 20 days and continue disappearing for approximately 30 days.

It’s safe to use every day or until you feel the skin is the colour of your choice.


NO hydroquinone


NO kojic acid or arbutin


NO carcinogenics


NO Health Risk

Sunless tanning

A family of sunless tanning products specially formulated to ensure a natural looking, even tan without smell or that “orange” effect often associated with some sunless tanning products.

Use the bronzer on the face and body to gently increase your depth of colour.

Use each day until you reach the colour of your choice.

Wash hands thoroughly immediately after application.

For a quick face and neck tan, use the fast “Face-Tan” sprays Dark, Medium or Natural (approx: 15 sessions)

Tattoo protection

Formulated to help protect tattoo pigment colour fade. Keeping dark colors dark and light colors lasting for years.

Also contains the microscopic glass pearls found in the Sun Pearls sun protection creams so, it stays effective longer and protects against the harsh everyday environment.

Contains the latest anti-ageing ingredients to reduce & resist skin wrinkling, increase elasticity, making it soft and silky.


For a new tattoo.

“Anti-microbial Soap” to maintain a sterile skin surface for the first 7 days, killing only the harmful bacteria to avoid wound infection.

“Quick Fix” creating good healing conditions for fast skin repair.

“Brightening Cream” to make the tattoo look extra vibrant.

Formulation & production policy

Our policy regarding innovation and formulation of Sun Pearls over the counter (OTC) products, is to put health and safety first. All products must abide by international standards and health guides including EU & USA.

To this end all our ingredients are sourced from the very top pharmaceutical suppliers in Germany, Switzerland and the United States of America.

We avoid all ingredients that have the remotest possibility of being suspect of adverse side effects, even though they may not have actually been placed on recognized international restriction lists that govern health and cosmetic products.

Our microscopic glass pearls do not use plastic materials currently contaminating our oceans and natural environment.

Production of all Sun Pearls products are under our direct control using ISO standards, methodology and structure within the Czech Republic.

This policy even extends to the airless bottles used that prevent the contents being exposed to the air or other contamination during the customer’s use.

Our strategy is and remains to produce and supply products of the very highest quality possible regardless of the cost or budgeting.